Payment & Taxes


A). Credit Card, MBWAY, Paypal and ATM
In the case of payment by credit card, the debit will be made to the User’s card immediately after confirmation of the shipment of the goods. If some ordered products are sold out, their value will be credited to the User’s card, after the order is closed.

The Credit Card, MBWay and ATM is processed by the Hipay entity and the Paypal is processed by the PayPal

Prices must be understood in Euros, with fees and taxes included, taking into account the VAT in force on the date of payment of the order.
If there is an increase in the price of any product, the User will be informed immediately and may choose to receive their order (paying the difference) or to cancel it.
Whenever an item has a price reduction, the modality of sale (balances, promotions or settlement), the type of products, the reduction percentage, the start date and the duration period and its communication to the competent authorities are mentioned, if it’s necessary.

1. It is carried out by the CTT company or other similar transport company.
2. Shipping costs are added to the order in accordance with the table in force, which are calculated in the purchase process before its completion by the User.
3. The Online Store ships to all regions of the world