• Do you have a special taste for welcoming and honoring your friends and family, loving your home and enjoying a stunning table? Have you ever felt the difficulty of wanting to dress your table to mark a special moment and not knowing where to start by?
  • Well, with the help of #BADATEAM tips you will be able to transform this task that seems very complicated in a moment of real pleasure. This is one of the most special moments of the event, a moment of your own, of creation, delivery and of much love! So, put on your favorite mu


Before choosing the theme of your table, the type of table according to the theme, formal, informal, interior, exterior and make the guest list preferably at least with 6 to 8 days so you can organize all the palaments and necessary accessories and ensure that nothing will fail when it comes to dressing your table. Write down all the tasks and purchases to be done, because all you don’t need is anxiety and stress at a time that should be of delivery and pleasure to create a perfect setting for your guests. 

The @BADAHOME was conceived in order to facilitate this task which may seem very complicated  but in reality if certain conditions are met it will be an easy, very pleasurable and comforting task.

Thus, the #BADABOX was created together with the concept of putting at your disposal a composition of articles fully coordinated in colors, patterns and details that will prevent you to go from store to store trying to coordinate all your accessories with the rest of palament , besides allowing you to dress your table quickly and elegantly since the whole concept has already been thought and tested so that you can do it, even if you think you have no skill for the theme of table decoration.

You can always seek inspiration for beautiful tablescapes on our Instagram page @badahomecollection where we have the tables posted for all our collections with suggestions of “how to do it yourself”.

Your #BADABOX will always be a great ally and the safe haven when storing your pieces, after properly treated and will prevent you from having to go through the frustration of not remembering where you put all your accessories. It will also allow for an easy and quick choice of the theme of the event since your badabox  will be properly identified with the theme of the interior collection, so you won’t need to remove all the boxes and open them to identify them. Just choose the theme and remove the box from it and move on to the next task. So the  more badaboxs  you have the easier it will be to choose your scenery and impress your guests.

There are #BADACOLLECTIONS services that you can purchase through our Instagram and Facebook, through our website www.badahomecollections.com or by contacting our #BADATEAM via email  badaworld@badahomecollection.com.


One of the most important elements in the preparation and even during your event is the atmosphere and environment that you can create for it. For this is essentiali the choice of music, because it is able to create feelings, let flow the good energies and the feeling of well-being among its guests. 

In this context it is very important to choose the music and to facilitate this choice there are already lists of songs for tablescapes, dinner of friends, among other filters that you can choose in @spotify. The playlists were created by experts on the subject taking into account the rules for this purpose, because the music should be neither too calm and boring that put your guests bored, nor too stirred and cheerful that makes them restless.


Now that you’ve got it all figured out, it’s time to get to work and start putting together the scenario you’ve come up with for your event. So, nothing fails, start by organizing and programming your day and don’t forget that you need time to make everything perfect.

Start by putting everything you’ll use on your #tablesape in the same place so you don’t forget anything and make it easier and faster to dress up your table.

  • Start with your Bada Box from the collection you have chosen that contains your individual game, napkins with rings, cup bases, cutlery door, bread basket and table top, all fresh and fragrant.
  • Your palament, table service, cup service andfaqueiro. The services can be pieces from the same collection or you can burp and mix various services, whether dining or glasses.
  • Decorative pieces for the center of the table, decorative pieces of glass, crystal, cone or silver, wood or other materials, of various sizes for arrangements, chandeliers and candles.
  • Flower arrangements, preferably natural. Bring the freshness of nature to your table but avoid flowers with a very intense aroma so that it does not instill more sensitive guests and interfere with the aroma of the dinner to be served. If you prefer, you can also choose artificial flowers and in this case you can have the arrangements prepared more in advance.

And now just give wings to your imagination and have fun setting up your table to honor your guests. We’re sure your table will look stunning.

Don’t forget to share the result with @badahome and become part of our #badaworld.

Best Regards and I hope to see you soon,

Di Roriz


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