• If you have chosen to read this post, it is probably that you are already part of our #badaworld, we thank and congratulate you for having chosen our products. Hithinking of you and the task of facilitating your day to day we decided to create this guide so you can treat your products with all the care and love they  deserve.
  • BADA HOME products are made with the best materials and fabrics carefully selected together with the best techniques of confection, embroidery, amongothers, always taking into account the latest fashion trends, both in the home fashion segment and in the segment of prêt  a  porter that also serves as inspiration for the creation of new  patterns framed by market trends.
  • The result is delicate, premium-quality goods that require special handling despite the strength and durability that are at the origin of their creation. The BADA BOX was conceived and designed so that you can accommodate all your products in an organized way, protect them and you won’t have to worry about looking for all the accessories to set up your table for an event, overcoming the difficulty of not remembering where you have put each one, besides being able to have everything organized in one place and separated by collections. THE BADA BOX has been designed with special measurements to be stored in your dining room sideboard, properly identified with the theme of the collection that is inside so that it is always available each time you decide to create a new scenario on your table.
  • In this context it is essential that you learn how to treat your BADA goods and take some care in the way you wash, dry and handle your products, so we leave some recommendations so you can keep them with the initial look and  beauty.


  • Knowing how to interpret the symbols of the labels with the washing instructions of your products is very important and will make all the difference in maintaining the appearance and quality of your goods thus prolonging their use.
  • In order to enable you to have doubts when reading and interpreting your washing labels follows the laundry list BADA HOME with all the symbols you need to know.



  • Carefully follow the washing instructions for each product. Each piece has specific compositions and characteristics that require increased attention. Before washing your product, check the washing instructions properly labeled on the back of your product.
  • Always note that your individual should be washed according to the instructions following the label placed on the back of it. They should be washed dry in cases where this is the instruction or washed at 30° in the delicate washing programme, to avoid aggressive snares that may damage its natural fibers.
  • To wash your linen napkins, choose to wash at 30° delicate. If you have more difficult stains you can place a non-aggressive stain strip before washing. Remember that linen is a natural fiber that should be handled delicately so as not to break the fibers and maintain the delicate, fluffy and pleasant appearance.
  • Preferably you should wash your items separately from other pieces with different colors to avoid color contamination. However if washing Bada articles together with other parts, avoid placing parts that include components that may damage fabrics, such as metals, hooks, etc., 
  • Choose to choose liquid detergents and avoid powderdetergents and aggressive detergents such as bleach.
  • If using a softener, use an appropriate product that does not damage the fibers of the piece, ideally softener for baby clothes.
  • Air-seaper your products but do not leave them exposed to the sun for too long as they may lose color.
  • When ironing the pieces, do so with the parts inside out and not at very high temperatures.
  • To store your goods use your stylish and specially designed BADA BOX so that the fibres of your fabrics can breathe and choose a fresh and dry area. For a cleaner and fresher aroma be sure to put your bada home sachet scented inside your BADA BOX. When you feel that your bag is losing the scent, open the sachet and perfume your flowers with the aroma you like the most.
  • We hope to have helped with our tips and if you have any questions please contact BADATEAM through our customer service email, costumcare@badahomecollection.com. It will be a pleasure to be able to help you.
  • Stay well and share with us your wonderful tables through Instagram  @badahomecollection with #badaworld.

Best Regards and I hope to see you soon,

Di Roriz


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