BADA HOME, is a premium portuguese Brand born with the desire to add confort, style and Elegance to your home lifestyle.

Our name Bada means MAR (sea) in Corean language, a country full of culture and traditions That values most home and famíly . It’s also very meanfull as it was chosen because those are the inicials of the name of the founder and her two daugthers. MAR as Maria (Di), Marta and Margarida also sea lovers as they leave by the sea/mar/BADA.

This Brand, Was inspired by the love and joy of making every moment count as a special one, by the passion of creating and transform simple day by day rotines into special moments and memories, by choosing special ways to honor your guest and showing without words, in a special and beautifull way how much you aprecia-te and love them, as family,close friends, special guests or even formal ones.

A Tablescape is not simply joining several table decor produts, is so much more than that. Its the love of choosing every detail, the art of combining and making them dance With the flowers to creat a ball around your table. Its giving wings to your imagination and let your soul fly. its the desire of sharing all the love you put into your tablescape in order to bring happinenss, confort and love to peoples life.

Our mission in BADA is to work and find those special details for you,seeking new tendences, new concepts, new produts, new partners and provide the full set to you. The High quality produts always combined with great ideas of how to do your self a beautifull tablescape and make your home shine!


Travessa Vila Meã lote 7
4760-480 Vila Nova de Famalicão – Portugal
Tel: +351962097262
Wattsapp: +351962097262